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Most beauty oils, creams and hair serums are full of chemicals, silicones and artificial ingredients. Our products contain the highest quality, 100% natural, organic and time-proven botanicals oils, extracts and essential oils found in nature. We leave out all the harmful ingredients that are not good on the body. Every ingredient we use benefit the health of the skin, hair and scalp!  Read about our commitment to purity >>
Emtage Beauty draws from ancient wisdom to create modern day anti-aging natural treatment solutions to reveal a woman’s natural, youthful radiance. Emtage features nature’s most hydrating, healing botanical blends that are beauty secrets from Japan, India, Morocco, Brazil, Africa, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. Emtage products are crafted using 100% proven effective precious, age defying, antioxidant rich, superfood oils, fruit extracts and butters including Argan, Camellia, Monoi, Macadamia, Nilotica Shea, Cupuacu, Kukui, Coconut, Red Palm and therapeutic essential oils. Emtage collection include natural and organic hair oil and scalp oil treatment, natural and organic facial cleansing oil, and natural and organic exotic beauty balm. All our products offer natural solutions to solve many beauty problems including: HOW TO smooth frizz, repair split ends, stimulate hair growth, soothe dry scalp, relieve dandruff and eczema, treat dry skin and damaged hair, smooth stretch marks and age spots. Emtage Beauty products will help you achieve a healthy, more youthful glow through the healing power of nature! FAVOR