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Pre-wash Healing Oil Treatment  2.0 fl oz (60 ml) - $20.00

A rejuvenating blend of Argan, Camellia, Castor Oil and other highly effective botanical oils to nourish, repair and restore the scalp, hair and skin. This multi-purpose oil treatment nourishes the scalp, soothe itchness, dryness, eczema, psoriasis, relieve dandruff, strengthen roots, follicles and stimulate hair growth. Good for Hot Oil Treatment.

SILKtáge Scalp Repair Pre-Wash Healing Oil Treatment is the key to a healthy scalp, strong, vibrant hair, and moisture-balanced skin. This all-natural pre-shampoo treatment delivers healing oils from around the world to nourish your scalp, soothe itchiness and dryness, relieve dandruff, strengthen roots and follicles and stimulate hair growth. This proprietary blend of Organic Sesame oil, Castor Seed oil, Argan oil and other healing botanical oils from around the world is rich in the vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that healthy scalp needs flourish and grow healthy hair…Naturally.

Organic Sesame Seed Oil, Organic Castor Seed Oil, Organic Coconut Nut Oil, Organic Camellia (Green Tea) Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Organic Rosemary Flower/leaf, Tea Tree Oil, Organic Clove Oil, Organic Peppermint Oil, Organic Essential Oil Blend. 

Recognized by the National Organic Program for the USDA.

Apply directly to the scalp before shampoo. Massage into scalp and leave on for a few hours or overnight. For deeper penetrating moisture use as a Hot Oil Treatment. Apply oil treatment to scalp and hair, cover hair with a shower cap and wrap it in a hot towel until cool. Shampoo as usual. Do this weekly and your scalp will rejuvenate, your hair will flourish. To exfoliate dryness and heal damage apply to skin as a spot treatment.

• For the Life of Your Hair
• Nourish and feed the scalp
• Soothe itchiness
• Moisturize dryness
• Use as a hot oil treatment
• Repair damaged from coloring, blow-drying, straightening
• Leave in treatment for dry, damaged hair
• Strengthen roots and damaged follicles
• Stimulate Hair Growth
• Balances sebum production
• Fights fungus and improves psoriasis skin
• Heals Eczema
• Prevents hair loss
• Rejuvenates hair follicles and scalp
• Restores the scalps circulation
• Calms Inflammation
• Controls scalp acne and pimples
• Spot treatment on dry, damaged skin

Professional quality. Although it is an oil, it is not real oily. A little goes a long way. I suggest starting off with a pea-size and building. It is a lot easier to add more than to correct using too much. I like the twist top for dispensing the product. Even after the product is on the hands, it is still easy to twist the top closed. The card that comes enclosed with the Silktage Scalp Repair, is very professional. 13 Benefits are listed with bullets, for quick reference. On the reverse side are detailed instructions and ingredient list. I especially like the card, due to the fact that the writing on so many products is so tiny, even with perfect eyesight it can be hard to read. For me, the card created a "above & beyond" credibility. It is obvious a lot of thought went into it. I wish more companies thought this highly of their customers.

From personal experience and using it on clients, I found that it did:

  • Restore scalp circulation
  • Improved the health of the scalp
  • Moisturizers dryness
  • Soothes itchiness
  • Calms inflammation

For hot oil treatment, the description says to cover hair with a shower cap & wrap a hot towel around the head until it cools. I would prefer to know if placing a heated portion of the oil on the hair and then the shower cap, would work just as well. The reason for the shower cap is, the head produces its own heat. The shower cap helps keep the heat in and acts as an agent to aid in the production of the ingredients. I use this method with every deep conditioning hair masque. Very effective.
-Mrs Chalmond

I have had dryness and dandruff on my scalp for over 10 years. I had used Emtage products before so I was excited that they had a scalp oil treatment. The first time I applied the oil to my scalp I felt the difference immediately. My scalp felt moisturized and I had no itchy dryness and flaky dandruff on my scalp. I use it once, sometimes twice a week. I also love using it as a hot oil treatment. A really cool bonus is that the oil is making my hair grow thicker and longer. I highly recommend Silktage Scalp Repair as it has made my scalp healthy again!
-Kathleen L.

I'm really happy that I found this treatment for my dry, flacky and itchy scalp. It's awesome because it soothes and calms the skin. I applied it on my scalp before i got to bed, and by the morning i wash my hair. I try to use it a least once a week because it's important to be constant with this to see results. I will reorder it.
-iHerb Verified Customer

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