ARGAN OIL ROLLERBALL™ Target & Rejuvenate Skin, Hair, Nails

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ARGAN OIL Rollerball™ .33 fl oz –(10ml) - $11.00

Rich, nourishing Argan oil provides instant hydration and age-defying benefits to nourish skin, soften cuticles and treat split ends. This precious, time proven oil in a rollerball form allows you to target and rejuvenate problem areas with powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids for a healthy and radiant glow that’s always with you.


Everywhere for a radiant healthy glow from face, lips, eyes, eyebrows, hands, scars, stretch marks to nails, cuticles and split ends on the go!

For centuries, Argan Oil has been renowned for its repairing and rejuvenating properties. Ideal for treating dry or sensitive skin and for its softening and protective benefits.

Our Argan Oil is expeller pressed, hexane free, sustainable harvested, fairly traded and benefits Moroccan women’s cooperative.

100% Pure Organic Argan Oil

Recognized by the National Organic Program for the USDA.

TO USE: Apply directly onto the face, around eyes and neck in a circular motion. Smooth on to split ends and frizz or dab on to cuticles and nails. Use daily for head to toe radiance on the go!


Target and Rejuvenate Skin, Hair, Nails

• Nourish and hydrate dry spots on face and body
• Brighten skin’s appearance
• Soften eyebrows and dry lashes
• Improve scars, stretch marks and sun spots
• Smooth split ends and rough edges
• Perfect for dry itchy scalp!
• Soothe damaged cuticles
• Moisturize dry nails
• Metal rollerball to increase circulation
• No spilling, no wasting
• Perfect for travel!
• Rejuvenate On The GO!
• Great for all skin types!

Wow, I am impressed! This Argan Oil is pure, effective and so easy to use. Hair: I roll a little in the middle of my palm, use this product as a hair conditioner, smoother, adds shine and like hair vitamin. Hands & Face: I roll this all over my face and hands, super hydrating and no more dry skin. The price is right and I can compare this to Josie Maran's oil, this is more pure and economical".

My favorite oil in a rollerball. So convenient.... I love that I can carry this with me. I use it everywhere. I take it to the nail salon and have my manicurist use it on my cuticles. I roll it onto my ends while I am at work and it gives my hair a little shine on the go! I love the metal ball. It is soothing and cooling on the skin. I have used many Argan oils and this one is the real deal. It feels and smells pure. Excellent price! Highly recommend!".

I like this mostly for the portability. Argan oil is one of those great oils for any use, from the face, hair or dry skin. This is perfect for applying oil under your eyes. The stainless steel rollerball is smooth and works well with no tugging. I got both this and the Argan with Rosehip oil to test out and I like them both. They both came in an amber glass bottle with a metal cap and stainless steel rollerball dispenser and neither one of mine leaks so I can throw them in my overnight bag or purse and I'm good to go. To use it in my hair I roll it over my palm and smooth it over the ends of my hair.
-S. Johnson

This roller ball argan oil applicator combines all of the best properties of argan oil and an easy to apply manner. Argan oil has been well known for a long time for its multitude of uses, here are a few:

  • 1. Nighttime Moisturizer
  • 2. Skin Toner
  • 3. Exfoliating Moisturized face and skin
  • 4. Acne
  • 5. Stretch Marks
  • 6. Razor Bumps and Burn Smooth Legs
  • 7. Whole-Body Moisturizer
  • 8. Leave-In Conditioner & Styling Long Healthy Hair
  • 9. Overnight Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • 10. Lip Conditioner
  • 11. Nails
  • 12. Dry Feet and Heels

This argan oil roller ball applicator is simple, easy and effective! My favorite ways of using this are for lip and cuticle treatment. The steel ball glides on perfectly and applies the perfect amount of product without over saturating the skin.
-Jenny Melendez

Argan oil is something that I was introduced to about a year ago. Prior to receiving this, I had only been using it for my hair. This rollerball applicator makes it a lot easier to use other places. I started by using this under my eyes. I am in my late 40's and have been using a variety of anti-aging products for the past few years. So I have been regularly using products under and around my eyes, so I didn't see any new results there. The rollerball was easy to apply around the eyes without getting too close. I would follow up by using a finger tip to gently massage the oil into the delicate skin. The cool stainless steel rollerball felt nice and refreshing around the eye area. I also used this on my finger nails. The rollerball applicator made it really easy and not too messy to apply the oil to my nails. I would just rub it in afterwards. I don't think I would even attempt to use argan oil anywhere other than my hair because of the potential for messes. I'm not a big fan of products that leave my hands oily! This oil is virtually scentless and seems comparable to other argan oils that I have used. The dispenser is the game changer!
-L Vesper

Argan oil is one of those things that's really become popular recently but I've been using it for years, on my hair on my skin and just about everywhere. I think it's a miracle oil really. I love that it's vegan, cruelty free, made in the USA, USDA organic certified. No chemicals, no parabens etc. Love that! Packaging is 100% recycled cardboard too.
The roller itself is amazing. No spillage, and you get the perfect amount, no waste. I love the argan oil on my hands/nails at night and the hard dry skin around my nails is WAY better. The roller is also great because you can totally just spot on one area, rather than putting too much on, great if like me you have combination skin.
In all I loved the Organic Argan Oil Rollerball from Emtage. Way better than using a dropper bottle. Definitely recommend!
-D Hickman

I love this argan oil in a convenient rollerball bottle. The argan oil is clear and has no odor. It is softening my hands and cuticles nicely. I love that I can throw this into my purse and have moisturizing argan oil at my fingertips. This is perfect argan oil for the hair. I also use this around my eyes and neck. My eyes actually seem a bit firmer and more toned, neck seems about the same.
I am comforted by what the label says. This certified organic argan oil is not treated with harmful hexane, a known neurotoxin, nor is it treated with parabens or other toxins. It is also cold pressed which is so important in preserving its wonderful properties and in not creating harmful free radicals in the process.
The rollerball is a wonderful amber glass bottle and has a metal rollerball as opposed to plastic, which is a plus to me. I would highly recommend this argan oil. Because of its convenient and handy (and chic) bottle, you can spot treat anywhere on your body from tender or itchy scalp to dry heels, wrinkles, and more. It is so soothing and softening anywhere I put it.
-Deirdre P



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