Happy Mother’s Day !

With this weekend being Mother’s Day , our thoughts turn to all things mom.  The most important person in the world, of course doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all package.  Each and every one of our mother’s out there are unique like a beautiful winter snowflake. Them along with their uniqueness is cause for a celebration. Because motherhood can come at various life stages we can learn a lot from our mothers and grandmothers. When it comes to beauty and hair, things were a lot less complicated 50 years ago, and still these women seemed to always look flawless. What are their secrets? In honor of Mother’s Day, we should take some time to sit down with moms and grandmas of different generations and ask them to share. You may be surprised how natural their beauty really is. 

Emtage Beauty wishes to celebrate the variety of moms in our lives and the individuality of their natural beauty skin care needs, as well as say, “Happy Mother’s Day, to all the mothers and grandmothers across the world!”

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